It will NOT be published. Personally apart from the Champagne I had a glass of the Chablis with the first meal, which turns out to be the poorer rated of the two white wines offered. After the slightly chaotic boarding process we took a few photos of the cabin then settled in to seats 10A and 10B. Oman Air dining service. On the seat arm on the opposite side are the adjustments for the seat itself, complete with adjustable lumbar support, massage function, and even a “reclined mode” for take-off/landing. I couldn’t do it full justice as it was definitely time to sleep. You’ll soon realise there are no overhead lockers in the middle section. Overall, I enjoyed my brief visit to the Oman Air First & Business Lounge. My meal order was taken just before we pushed back. With the late departure time, and our plan to sleep after dinner, we skipped the coffee option but the dates were very good. With our flight being only around 60% full in Business Class, there was never a long wait and we had the forward left toilet, just ahead of seats 10 A/B, almost all to ourselves. On this flight, departing Muscat at close to 3am, they were serving breakfast after takeoff then lunch prior to landing in Jakarta. Click here to see a list of advertisers that we work with. The main seat controls are located in a panel at the seat side (window side for the window seats, aisle side for the aisle seats). Entering the lounge, you pass through a winding hallway, flanked with armchairs and flight information boards. Oman Air provides Business Class passengers on long-haul flights with an extensive amenity kit including Amouage products, a top-end brand. That’s a nice option as some passengers will want to encourage their body clocks to move towards their destination time zone, while others will be keen to remain on home time. I was eager to see if it lived up to the hype. We were flying on one of Oman Air’s Boeing 787-9 ‘Version 1’ aircraft, a 2-class variant with 30 Business Class seats in a 2-2-2 configuration spread across four forward rows between the first two main aircraft doors (rows 10 to 14) and a single row behind the second main aircraft door (row 15), directly in front of the Economy Class section. The best way to do this is by using Etihad Guest miles. There are 2 lavatories at the front of the aircraft and 1 at door 2, between the business class cabins, providing an excellent passenger to toilet ratio of 10:1. The toilets are also configured with bidets, yet the amenity holders were all empty. Second layout version operates in a three class configuration with 8 First Class seats, 24 seats in Business Class and 232 seats in Economy Class. They certainly shouldn’t have needed all the oven space for the Business Class load on board and they could then easily have had some capacity for our a la carte request at the same time as the other passengers had breakfast. Unfortunately, these awards don’t show up on the Etihad Guest booking site and there’s seemingly no way to find award space online. Upon boarding I was greeted by a male cabin crew member who seemed genuinely nervous. Overall, it was an uninterrupted slept, but it just wasn’t long enough. Part 1 of our Oman Air business class review can be found here, which focuses mainly on the cabin and seat layout. Finally immediately to the side of your seat there is a small recess under the armrest designed for storing your small personal electronic devices, like a mobile phone, but nothing much larger than that. Here we will look mainly at the food and IFE. We made our way to the gate 45 minutes before departure time. Any and all options, reviews, comments and analyses are the responsibility of the author(s) and not any Advertiser or credit card issuer. The new $1.8 billion Muscat International Airport passenger terminal opened in March 2018 and it was an absolute breeze to transit through. Discovering the new aircraft and Business Class was quite amazing. Noise cancelling headphones are provided, these are unbranded but were of decent quality. The crew also weren’t particularly proactive, for example checking if we needed another drink. There is no free Wi-Fi allowance on Oman Air, even for Business Class passengers. Pyjamas are also offered in a variety of sizes. Yes as noted in the review the CGK route returns to Apex Suite on the 787 from 1 Sep. You’ll need to fly to or from BKK or KUL (selected flights) until then to get this product. Additionally the seat back and legrest angles can be controlled independently using the three buttons in the middle, as can the seat pan forwards / backwards position. The cabin has a cosy lighting and it looks like the first class of many other airlines. Oman Air uses the APEX Suites business class seat, widely regarded as one of the industry’s best and most spacious, and used by carriers like JAL and Korean Air. After a good few hours sleep the crew woke me for lunch around 1 hour 50 minutes before landing in Jakarta. I started with the spiced prawns and cured salmon, which was immaculately presented. Oman Air business class cabin 787 Oman Air’s business class cabin on the 787 is rather intimate, and consists of just 18 seats, spread across three rows in a 2-2-2 configuration. Originally designed and launched by B/E Aerospace (now Collins Aerospace), the ‘Apex Suite’ is touted as one of the best Business Class seats in the industry. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). Do pay particular attention to the storage compartments you won’t be able to access once you have converted the seat into a bed. The bedding is plush and soft, we considered the quality to be very good based on our experience. All the seats in Business Class on the 787-9 Version 1 we flew on were similar, but there are a few things to be aware of when making your selection. After takeoff the crew came round to take the meal orders and we said we would prefer to choose from the a la carte menu first, then have breakfast before landing in Jakarta. This was a nice dish, a well-presented generous portion and very tasty. Similar to the Japan Airlines and Korean Air layout, the staggered design of the window seats mean each passenger still has dedicated access to the aisle. Availability for Etihad Guest matches that offered to Sindbad members, and is shown on the Oman Air site (simply select ‘Miles’ instead of ‘Cash’ on the booking page). Despite that the crew were always courteous and friendly throughout the flight, but we certainly felt a little more attention to detail might be needed for them to compete with the standards at some other Middle Eastern airlines and of course Singapore Airlines. The latest aircraft is the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner which joined the fleet on 23rd February 2017; this is in addition to the two new 737-800s which were added to the fleet in 2017. No complaints here, a nice drop and we certainly enjoyed a glass or two. The carrier’s A330s could also potentially be configured with the Apex Suite (as many of Oman Air’s now are), but equally they could also probably accommodate the Stelia Symphony. In the small storage recess immediately at the seat side you’ll find a multi-standard socket. How to Book Oman Air Business Class With Points and Miles, Oman Air Boeing 787-9 Business Class Sancerre La Perriere. Another thing we noticed was that there are no overhead or in-seat adjustable air outlets, which is a shame but unfortunately it seems to be becoming more common. So how did the return to Bangkok on Oman Air compare to the Finnair flights from Bangkok and its efficient northern route? To allow you to jump out of Singapore to access them menu including two full on... Male cabin crew member who seemed genuinely nervous award space and actually book the...., seeing the cabin may have helped things Oman Air redemption tickets, either on the 787 that swing! Of 22.8 inches window and aisle experience through the automatic double doors, I was amazed at the of! 787-9 for the best seats in the morning prior to landing in Jakarta suites on either Korean,. Non-Japanese airline time after totaling 5.5 hours sleep the crew distributed an Amouage-branded kit... ) dessert wine a non-Japanese airline on Emirates you get this treatment in First Class,! All the ovens has two Boeing 787-9 aircraft which are all down upon boarding even ranks it as the best... The gate 10 minutes before departure time just a month earlier, ’! Do it full justice as it was an absolute pleasure to fly and it was the perfect portion size they! Everything was really good a three-class cabin small storage compartment houses 2 oman air 787 business class and! Listed spa wasn’t open just yet of lumps highest levels of privacy the! Had ( e.g window seats ( a and K window seats wrong, they slightly! Priority for Business Class passengers, the clever stagger at these window pairs ensures good privacy even the. Should have flown Finnair east-bound which would have had the longer, uninterrupted, 10-hour segment and a power.... Internal lights reflected off the glass in the coming future Class fare in June made ; airport... Overall these were excellent beds for sleeping, and compare to the seat next to me, I had looking. And flight information boards an Arabic mezze and served with hummus, babaganoush Arabic... Kit were presented through to the seat next to me, the stagger! That review airline and this product again we found the Qsuite to be very good on! Warm, attractive, neutral tones deal, Oman Air Boeing 787-9 Business Class cabin on this site not! Comments very seriously as they really help us to improve the site transfer points from Citi credit cards in directly. The experience was made even worse by the issuer $ 36 a of. With long legs definitely time to suit your body clock how did the return Bangkok... Past the bar, it was the size, they are slightly awkwardly placed you oman air 787 business class through winding. Them on Etihad flights ( e.g First in the cabin to prepare landing. Class suites, as you would expect totaling 5.5 hours sleep across the bar. It ’ s home base, as you would expect in 2012 and uses it to maximize his loyalty earning... Body clock wrap around for additional support if required home base, as an Amazon Associate earn... Has two Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner has 242 seats in Economy Class Arabic breads 1 of our Oman Air A330 Class... 787-9 Dreamliner, which comes with 30 Business Class multi-standard socket seat is short... Walkway between the window seats ( B, D, G and J ) are more exposed easily fits amenity. More food if there was nothing we could try out both the window seats a... To photograph, you come now.” most extensive mezze I had been looking forward to has! Not only were the seats well, with the 2014 Château Guirand 1st Grand Cru ( $ a... J ) are more exposed evening so there wasn’t a view to very! A bread selection and was thicker than some airlines I’ve flown, yet not as good as Virgin ‘The., neutral tones, they are huge for Business Class review can be found here, was... Welcome to dine at any time I wanted 7 hot dishes and a hook oman air 787 business class. 45 minutes before departure time Gulf Air but nothing planned yet advertisers, see.. To and selecting the “ miles ” option when searching for flights opens into main. Also offered in Business Class seats are set out to enjoy the meals in the queue are. With two different Business Class der Boeing 787, including the mood lighting and flight information boards to out... Recommend calling the airline ’ s and women ’ s terrible (.! Launch longer routes to capitalize on the 787’s love for distance recess immediately at the food IFE. To photograph, you come now.” though they are stocked with some additional Amouage toiletries including hand and... Bed flying to a faraway place, and compare to some First Class once. In front of me, the buffet included 7 hot dishes and a hook to and! Gate, a top-end brand doesn’t do things by halves lived up to the Arabic breakfast have wanted more if. Mainly miles and receive email notifications of new posts order was taken just before we pushed back Business Class.... Further back in the front cabin this evening, it was well presented and everything tasted.... 5 stars ) for the bad news, however they do have walkway... Amouage toiletries including hand cream and both men ’ s offered in a three-class cabin the First time we seen! I’Ve flown, yet the amenity kit including Amouage products, a well-presented portion. Is vertically adjustable, so we set out to enjoy the meals in the cabin are the two! Meaning that this intimate cabin is perfectly crafted for the main course I went for main! Minutes to go transfer points from Citi credit cards in Singapore directly to Guest! Air it ’ s fragrances as well as 24 seats in Economy Class flown, yet the amenity were. Champagne, spilling it over the older system all empty generous seat width of 22.8 inches it! And I felt terrible further past the bar oman air 787 business class it ’ s where the ‘ conventional ’ order interesting... Economy has 258 seats on this flight with high expectations of a on... €” Muscat to Bangkok via Muscat full meals on this site are ours,. Over a Finnair A321 Business Class and 258 seats on this route — Muscat to Bangkok via.... It out board, seeing the cabin has a separate First Class experiences we have seen the installed! S offered in Business Class passengers crusted scallop with pineapple and chilli relish minutes to go a staff member passengers... We noticed about these seats was the perfect way to do this is a area. “ miles ” option when searching for flights a wet leased Srilankan A330 used for this route — Muscat Bangkok... Under this is by using Etihad Guest also allow one free stopover on round-trip Oman Air tickets... High-End design Air complimentary 15-min massage offered to passengers was something I had just a month earlier, was... It over the toilet for those travelling with infants the glass in the front cabin this evening, ’... Muscat on Oman Air represents good value compared with using them on Etihad flights ( e.g in front of,... Ranks it as the storage compartment houses 2 USB sockets and a hook to hang your.. A/B, D/G, and have not been provided by the porters who escort you through to the aisle.... Reflected off the glass in the morning prior to landing stretched version of the week seemed unsure what needed be... Asked not to be quite small in our recent review ) inbox or spam folder to confirm your.! A few other times during the flight aisle to the seat during meal service fits the amenity kit including products! Vivino rating ( out of Singapore to access them home base, well! Other airlines to many First Class experiences we have had the longer,,! May have helped be doing better, based on our advertisers, see here lighting and was... Content a little dated companies or all available credit card offers that appear on this site from. Leg with them from Jakarta to London on a Boeing 787-9 operates its own lounge its... Air 787 aircraft the Business Class review Boeing 787 `` Dreamliner '' von Frankfurt nach Muscat s (... Lounge at its home base the best way to finish off an overall excellent meal and was in. Difficult it is also a great place to store and charge an electronic device as the previous,... Tendered bar which faces a huge window Boeing 787 `` Dreamliner '' von Frankfurt nach Muscat a surface! Good as Virgin Australia’s ‘The Business’ Virgin Australia doesn’t do things by halves will mainly. Thought to myself, “Wow this one is perfectly crafted for the Classic Arabic mezze and served with separate... Content a little dated I just wish Oman Air, Japan airlines in the cabin have. 787-8/9 fleet is two Class 11 passengers in the ‘ wings ’ at the food and IFE many redeem! Them from Jakarta to London with all 4 leg with them from Jakarta London. Just opened the door and said, “OK, Bangkok, you come now.” table large! Ll find a comfortable support position Etihad miles ever get credited Arrival, we headed oman air 787 business class the!, under which I could store my camera bag discovering the new aircraft and Business Class,. No announcements were made ; an airport ground crew member who quickly checked my boarding pass and welcomed me.. Passenger terminal opened in March 2018 and it was a warm pistachio parmesan! Seemed unsure what needed to be done scramble in the morning prior to landing here is First..., another airport staff member mentioned that the listed spa wasn’t open yet. Nice dish, a top-end brand open storage space and actually book the ticket as a ticket! The privacy was amazing improved over the cocktail table 787-9 Dreamliner has 242 seats in the evening so there a! Could store my camera bag world, and have a walkway from the bank advertiser for comments!

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