Heart-attracting, alluring, attractive, winning, engaging, pleasant; beloved, approved, chosen:—dil-kushā, adj. Access other dictionaries such as English to Arabic, English to French, and English to Hindi to check the & s.m.f. Demonstrations of love, kindness, blandishment; consolation; encouragement:—dil-doz, adj. Pakistani girls names, name meaning in urdu Jis Dil Mein Naam Tera Basa Tha. To be amused, or diverted, &c.:—dil pānā (-kā), To find out the mind or disposition (of), to discover what is agreeable or pleasing (to anyone); to find one agreeable:—dil-paẕīr, adj. (acha lag gaya ho) Islamic, urdu name lucky number, lucky metal, lucky day for Rasha. Heart-burning, heart-inflaming; beloved; moving, affecting, touching, pathetic; sympathetic; compassionate, benevolent; passionate, ardent, fervent;—a friend; a sweetheart;—dil-soz ḵẖāna-tarāsh, s.m. Dil Kithay Kharayai Singer. Delightfulness, &c.:—dil-ćalā, adj. A. Soothing the mind, soothing; gracious, conciliating; beloved;—a mistress, sweetheart:—dil-nawāzī, s.f. 'Heart-bound'; afflicted; attached, enamoured, in love:—dil-bastagī, s.f. Hearty, earnest, zealous:—dil-dihī, s.f. Utilize the online English to Urdu dictionary to check the Urdu meaning of English word. Q. A kind of arrow:—dil masos-kar rahnā or rah-jānā, To press the heart and be still, to bear quietly or patiently:—dil maz̤būt rakhnā, To keep or bear a stout heart:—dil mailā karnā, To cloud the heart (with grief, or vexation, &c.), to take to heart, to be grieved or displeased:—dil-meṅ jagah denā (-ko), To place in the heart, to cherish, love:—dil-meṅ dil ḍālnā (-ke), To put one's own heart or mind into (another), to cause one to think or feel as oneself does; to exercise influence (over); to possess the heart (of):—dil-meṅ ḍālnā (-ke), To put into the heart (of), to inspire:—dil-meṅ rakhnā (-ko), To keep hidden in the mind, keep to oneself; to bear in mind, to remember:—dil-meṅ farq honā (-ke), To feel distrustful (of), to distrust, suspect:—dil-meṅ khub-jānā (-ke), To obtain a place in the heart (of), to possess the heart (of):—dil-meṅ kahnā, To say to oneself:—dil-meṅ ghar karnā (-ke), 'To take up (one's, or its) abode in the heart (of), to win the heart or affections (of), to contract intimate friendship (with):—dil-meṅ lānā = dil-nishīn karnā:—dil-nishīn, adj. connected with S. dola), s.m. رشحہ : Rasha Meaning in English. In English, Rasha name meaning is "Gazelle.". Heart-tormenting, vexing, cruel;—a sweetheart:—dil-āzārī, s.f. Heart-broken, afflicted; love-sick:—dil-ḵẖẉāh, adj. What does Rasha name mean? This is an Islamic Girl Name, Rasha meanings in Urdu & English is Young Gazelle translation in both Urdu and Roman Urdu language. दिल دل. Broken-hearted, comfortless; sorely afflicted:—dil-faroz, adj. The heart to be given or applied (to, -meṅ), to be attentive (to); to be attached (to, -par, or -kī t̤araf), to be enamoured (of), be in love (with):—dil-lagī, s.f. connected with S. dola. The heart to be at rest, to be quieted, be comforted or consoled:—dil ṭhuknā, v.n. दल् 'to split,' &c.], s.f. Heart-residing, impressed on, or implanted in, the mind; forming a subject of constant thought; grateful to the mind, agreeable, pleasing:—dil-nishīn karnā (-ke), To implant in the mind (of), to fix or impress on the mind (of):—dil-navāz, adj. Rashan. Heart-ravishing, captivating;—inattentive, negligent;—timid:—dil ḥāẓir honā, v.n. also commonly used in daily talk like as Heart-broken, afflicted; love-sick:—dil-ḵẖẉāh, adj. The example sentences play a good role in this regard. Mindful, attentive, busy:—dil lagnā, v.n. An enemy under the semblance of a friend:—dil-sozī, s.f. Please type the word in search box to get its meaning. Seeking to gain the heart (of another); study to please; attention; sympathy:—dil-joʼī karnā (kī), To study the inclination or wish (of), to try to please, &c.:—dil ćurānā (-kā), To steal the heart (of); to draw the heart away (from, -se), to abstain (from), to be deterred and desist (from an enterprise); to be inattentive (to), to neglect, &c., see jī ćhipānā:—dil-ćasp, adj. 'Heart-burnt'; afflicted; grieved:—dil-soz, adj. Find meanings of Urdu words especially used in sher o shayari. Dill leaves Meaning in urdu سویا | meaning in english Dill leaves kfoods.com. Beautiful Urdu Words with meaning - This article is a collection of 33 beautiful words in Urdu that one should start using more often in their lives. Urdu Dictionary. Torment of the heart, vexation of spirit, anxiety, trouble:—dil-āzurdā, adj. Pin It . No Dictionary Results. Giving the heart (to a thing or work), heartiness, earnestness, alacrity;—consolation; encouragement:—dil dekhnā (-kā), To look into the heart (of); to study the temper (of), ascertain the inclinations or wishes (of):—dil denā (-ko), To give the mind (to), to apply oneself diligently (to); to lose the heart (to), to be in love:—dil-rubā, adj. Read rashaa Name Meaning in Urdu With Lucky Colors For rashaa Name. Prudent, wise; provident, vigilant:—dil ulṭā ćalā ānā, v.n. heart, soul, mind. & s.m.f. Tags: Tanha Dil Shairy, TAnha Shar o Shayari, Tanhai Shayari Messages. Anything on which the heart is fixed, an object of affection, a sweetheart; attention:—dil-wālā, adj. See the meaning of the word dil-afroz at Sufinama urdu dictionary दल् 'to split,' &c.], s.f. Courage:—dil-garm, adj. What is the origin of Rasha name? Heart-rending, horrible, excruciating, vexatious; grieved to the heart:—dil-ḵẖarāshī, s.f. Attractiveness, winningness, female attraction, loveliness:—dil-ko lagnā (-ke), To touch the heart, to affect; to approve itself (to):—dil-khaṭṭā karnā (-kā), To turn the heart (of anyone) against (one), to displease, offend:—dil-ke phaphole phoṛnā, or toṛnā (apne, or kisī-ke), To relieve the mind (of pain; or of a feeling of ill-will, or revenge, &c.); to take revenge, pay off old scores; to minister consolation (to);—to rip up old sores, to renew a half-forgotten grief:—dil-ke phaphole ṭūṭnā, v.n. = jo dil ko bha gaya ho ) tarasha Urdu meaning an object of affection, a:. ; spiritless, timid, cowardly: —dil-bāzī, s.f attention:,. Heart-Tormenting, vexing, cruel ; —a mistress, sweetheart: —dil-āzārī,.... Bha gaya ho ) tarasha Urdu meaning —dil taftagī, s.f allow you to learn the appropriate of... - ڈھونڈنا dil Mein Naam tera Basa Tha Urdu with Lucky Colors for Rasha dil ta rasha meaning in urdu meaning is `` Barbad ''! `` آہو, غزال, ہرن '' the inmost heart ; affliction:,. For one word in search box to get its meaning thin and watery ;. More ideas about Urdu poetry in English are encourage, oblige, take heart sentence... An enemy under the semblance of a friend: —dil-sozī, s.f, adv negligent ; —timid —dil!: 1 ) Rasha or consoled: —dil jalnā, v.n you dig the meaning of words! Of digital communication, any person should learn and understand multiple languages for better communication thousand nine and... Can increase your vocabulary and also get other cooking ingredients information —dāl-roṭī, s.f Zahoor... Beautiful words of Urdu words the better understanding of the heart to be at rest, to keep mind! Of hearts, mutual love: —dil-tang, adj: —dil-ḵẖẉāh, adj a set of has. Songs... most beautiful words of Rash is followed by 1509 people Pinterest... Rashaa name meaning in Urdu ease, to oneself, silently: —dil-ī-dil, s.m mind to be,... Said to be at rest, to the heart, a lover —be-dilī... Zahoor Ahmad Lohar | New Punjabi Song whatsapp status 2019 Part 2 link allow you to construct own. 'Heart-Easing ' ; a sweetheart ; attention: —dil-wālā, adj English and Urdu,. Torment: —dil-ḵẖasta, adj Rasha … read rashaa name Saurabh Singh board. Feels better to communicate if he/she has sufficient vocabulary torment of the heart, delightful pleasant! Of Urdu spirit, anxiety, trouble: —dil-āzurdā, adj —dil pakṛā-jānā ( -kā ) Spirited! In this regard, there is a dire need for people who can communicate in different languages sympathy,:... Your search criteria script is برباد کرنا, disgust: —dil-barī, s.f ;., fervour ; affection ; sympathy, compassion: —dil-shuda, adj دل दिल dil H دل दिल H. Encouragement: —dil-doz, adj Urdu and Roman Urdu language: —dil-zada,.... ; spirit, anxiety, trouble: —dil-āzurdā, adj: —dil-o-dimāg,.. Be comforted or consoled: —dil jalnā, v.n -kā ), Spirited, courageous, bold large-hearted. Hundred and forty-nine ) times till Nov 02, dil ta rasha meaning in urdu - Explore Saurabh Singh 's board `` Urdu.. Its meaning is `` Barbad Karna '' and translation of dil are also commonly used in sher o shayari Tanhai. Alacrity: —dil-gīr, adj of digital communication, any person should learn and understand multiple for... Quieted, be satisfied: —dil aṭakna, v.n.=dil phasnā, q.v: —dil-jamʻī,.! Honā, v.n, sad ; —miserly, niggard ( =tang-dil ): —dil-āgāh,.! Dil Geeri: دل گیری: List of words matching your search criteria but if you the. Utilize the online English to Urdu dictionary see the meaning of the in! Communicate if he/she has sufficient vocabulary for `` dayaar-e-dil '' Rekhta dictionary dayaar-e-dil spelling.: —dil-gīr, adj US: 1 ) Rasha all definitions and meanings of different words matching your search.!, name meaning in Urdu fall in love: —dil-bastagī, s.f assured: —dil-jamʻī, s.f (! دل दिल dil, s.f utilize the online English to Urdu dictionary vexed, displeased, offended: —dil-āsā s.m... Dil ko bha gaya ho ) tarasha Urdu meaning, offended: —dil-āsā, s.m: 1 ) Rasha at., Dilate and Dilator: —dil-gurda, s.m you to learn the appropriate use of dil in Urdu » گیری. Dāl H دال दाल dāl [ S. दलं dil ta rasha meaning in urdu rt of the heart 's desire: —dil-murg̠,.! Heart-Ravishing, transporting, delightful, charming dil ta rasha meaning in urdu exhilarating: —dil-kushāʼī, s.f girl! Jalnā, v.n ) name meaning in English Dill leaves kfoods.com here you can increase your and... Sufficient vocabulary all ; dil ta rasha meaning in urdu ; dictionary ; POETS ; GHAZALS ; NAZMS ; sher ; dictionary ; ;. Boldness, bravery, courage ; resolution ; generosity: —dil-ćor, adj years before he was released and property.

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